Cookie settings

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that can be placed on your computer by websites and applications, on their own they don't do anything and are not harmful.

The information stored in cookies is available to the website or application that placed them, which makes important functionalities possible, like logging in, saving preferences, showing notifications or - in case of webshops - keeping a shopping cart.

However, because the information is stored with you and is made available to the website, cookies can also be used to follow you or your browsing behaviour. This is clear when a website shares this information with third parties, like advertisers or ad suppliers, but in many cases it's limited and only to find out how a website is used to be able to improve it.

What cookies are used?

You can find the used cookies and their purposes below.

Except for the essential cookies, you can freely choose for which purposes you wish to allow us to place cookies. The different purposes are divided in categories for your ease of use. Please consider both your and our usefulness when deciding to turn any of them on or off.

Necessary for the website to work correctly. These will always be placed, because without them, some or all essential parts of the website would not work.

liquid_consent Used to save your cookie preferences and to ensure you do not see the cookie notice on every page you visit.
liquid_csid Used to distinguish your browsing session from that of others, so we can provide functionalities and show notifications specifically to you.

These are used for optional functionalities to improve your browsing experience, provided by third parties.

GPS Used on mobile devices to enable tracking based on GPS location.
PREF Used to store your preferences regarding language, related content or advertisements.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Used to help determine your bandwidth and/or player speed, which YouTube uses to analyse performance.
YSC Set to indicate that a video is embedded and to enable relevant functionalities.

Other Other cookies may be set, based on your Google product usage. Those cookies may affect what information Google gathers or is able to gather.

These are used to collect information about your visit, the information is used for analysis and performance data to be able to improve the user experience.

_ga Used to distinguish users and to recognize returning visitors.
_ga_<id> Used to distinguish users and to recognize returning visitors.
_gid Google identifier, used to distinguish users and to analyze website usage.
_gat Google Analytics throttle, used to throttle Analytics request rate.